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The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

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The World Has Already Changed | Noticed! : PREMiClean

A Purely Personal Perspective

The pandemic made people assess their lives and their priorities. Top of the list was to find a work-life balance.  This has big implications for the commercial cleaning sector.

This is purely my personal opinion, but I feel many people have abandoned jobs they traditionally did: in particular part-time jobs with poor wages.

Finding cleaning operatives for example to work a few hours a day early morning or early evening has become very difficult, the pool of people that were happy to do this type of work has simply shrunk.

Plus, there are so many sectors looking for staff that means many potential Manchester and Warrington cleaners have jumped ship to other sectors such as the retail sector or moved to warehouse work for one of the massive online retailers

Some of my clients are shocked at the wages I pay my staff for Manchester office cleaning, they shouldn’t be. Our staff are conscientious, well-trained and supervised, they do the basics brilliantly and are in great demand.

In any market supply and demand will determine price, wages for Warrington office cleaning staff and Manchester commercial cleaners are increasing fast.

This reminds me of an anecdote from a previous life where I owned and managed hotels.  Some junior staff used to complain that some of my cleaning staff were the best paid hourly staff in the hotel, they believed cleaners were unskilled and therefore, compared to them, overpaid.  I used to suggest that if they thought this unfair, they should apply for one of the (very demanding) cleaning jobs … suddenly they seemed happier with their slightly lower paid and frankly easier jobs in the bar/restaurant/kitchen.

Many people would not dream of cleaning their own premises but baulk at paying a fair wage for a skilled and experienced professional to do it for them.

The world has changed, and people looking to hire cleaners or looking to retain the services of a premium contract cleaning company like PREMiClean shouldn’t be thinking of this is a cheap add-on option.

As a commercial cleaning company one of our solutions to combat staff shortages has been to pay our staff better and invest in elements that improve our staff’s wellbeing: from mental and physical health to professional development.

None of this comes cheap, and why should it?  For an essential service like commercial cleaning you should expect to pay a fair price.

PREMiClean are proud to supply premium commercial contract cleaning solutions:  Manchester office cleaning and Warrington office cleaning contracts are executed to a high standard at a commercial price.  The world has changed, we have noticed, and we are adapting.