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Why PREMiClean Commercial Cleaners are so Efficient

We clean to a set system and clean the same areas/items regularly.  Good quality commercial cleaning should mean you never have to consider the dreaded ‘deep clean’. Hi, I am Michael Shaw, the owner of PREMiClean Cleaning Services and here I am sharing why PREMiClean commercial cleaners are so efficient:


As a professional I tell all my clients that if you are considering a deep clean, then your regular cleaning regime is inadequate – this could be a timing issue or a training issue. We do the same thing regularly and have a daily and weekly and monthly routine. The speed comes from the method, not from hurrying or rushing the job.


We clean top to bottom and left to right. Higher-level items are first, like window ledges, then desks, then chairs. The key is to do it in the same (correct) order each time. Always finishing with floors. We create bespoke cleaning schedules for all our clients. We then train, supervise and audit our team members to stick to the schedule

Over and above this, we constantly review the schedule, it evolves and improves, and we get more and more efficient.


We use a small number of tried and tested products combined with high-quality microfiber cloths. Correct spray and wipe techniques are the cornerstones of our cleaning. We use commercial-grade vacuum cleaners fitted with allergen control HEPA vacuum bags.

We use only the best and most appropriate floor cleaning products: Microfiber flat mops, Kentucky mops, scrubber dryers, buffer


We stop problems in their tracks, preventing cleaning issues from progressing into maintenance problems. For example, regular cleaning and buffing of wooden floors to prevent a deep clean which involves scrubbing, stripping, and repolishing.

Or the regular cleaning of taps to prevent a build-up of limescale.
Or regular corner-to-corner vacuuming of carpets to lengthen their life.
Daily cleaning of microwaves, is so simple and yet so often overlooked commercially.

Whilst talking microwave ovens, let the machine do the work for you. Put a cup of water into the microwave and operate on full power for about 5 minutes – this effectively steam cleans your microwave. When it pings take the cup out (carefully as it will be very hot) and simply wipe the microwave clean. For a turbo boost (and a beautiful clean aroma) add a bit of lemon juice to the cup of water first.

On a personal note, I notice most microwaves smell of oxtail soup when they get a bit grubby – I think this is bacteria. So, if your microwave smells of oxtail soup and it is only ever used to heat up the occasional cup of milk it is time to clean!


Regular dry dusting with a Ken-Dodd-style tickle stick can save plenty of time in the long run. If dust and dirt build up on surfaces, then you have to spray and wipe – and when in a room full of dirty skirting boards your aching back will wish you’d dry dusted more often. As commercial cleaners spray and wipe is our most effective tool, but we dry dust too for routine daily cleaning.


Finally, and this is a personal mission of mine: Imagine an open-plan office with 40 desks. Each desk is a workstation with a pedal bin under the desk.

In the time it takes to empty each individual bin we could have sanitized your desks. I advocate replacing the numerous bins with a small number of well-placed communal bins. Massive efficiency savings are made here and it gets your staff up and about moving periodically too.