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The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

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The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

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Office Cleaning

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Not Just an Image Business

The success of a company is measured in different ways but ensuring your team has a clean and safe working environment is now, more than ever, a key performance indicator. 

One of our customers said “Everybody feels better and works better now that the place is so clean.” 

The environment in which you and your staff work is a direct reflection of your company and its standards. It is a crucial part of achieving economic growth.

We Follow a Plan

We supply expert office cleaners, who follow essential rules and a bespoke cleaning regime. We audit the cleaning to ensure the schedule is adhered to. We liaise with you on a regular and ongoing basis and are flexible to adapt to changing circumstances. 

We tend to work outside your normal operational hours, but we are finding that cleaning during regular working hours is increasing in demand. This has benefits for both you as our customer, and for us as your service provider.

Large and Small, Full-Time and Part-Time, Daily and Weekly

We have a wide range of office cleaning clients, from weekly cleans in small offices (under 1,000 square feet) to regular and daily cleans in larger offices (1,000-10,000 square feet and more) to ‘full service” cleans where we supply a large team of operatives to multi-floor regional or head office-type operations over 10,000 square feet.

Safe Desks

A University of Arizona study revealed that office phones and desks can harbour 25,127 microbes per square inch, by contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch; This reflects the conventional wisdom that many clients insist their toilet facilities are cleaned daily but their work-stations less frequently.  

  • Covid-19 has changed this mindset and more attention is now given to your office environment. 
  • When we clean your offices, we’ll ensure that working at your desk is safer than eating off your toilet seat.

The Bottom Line

  • You want it cleaned to a high standard at a commercial price. With our experience, expertise, and a hands-on supervised approach, we can supply a high quality, Premium Cleaning service without the Premium price. 

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The cost of our cleaning services varies depending on several factors. Our pricing includes holiday cover, pension and National Insurance contributions, cleaning materials, and equipment. Additionally, our service includes recruitment, training, supervision, and ongoing auditing. We don’t just offer a cleaner; we provide a comprehensive commercial cleaning service. Our efficiency and experience allow us to keep our prices competitive. You’d be hard-pressed to do it yourself any cheaper!

We frequently step in to improve commercial cleaning situations where the office cleaning has been below par. Our contracted price includes an initial deep clean at no extra cost, ensuring your premises meet our high standards.

All our cleaners are employed and trained directly by us. We do not rely on ‘agency’ staff. Our recruitment process is thorough and meticulous, and we provide training through a combination of online courses and on-the-job experience.

We exclusively use cleaning products that meet the highest standards in cleaning and health and safety for all our business cleaning needs. Our suppliers undergo regular audits to ensure their environmental credentials are verified.

We are local cleaners serving Greater Warrington and the North West. Our services include office cleaning in Manchester and cleaning services for various facilities such as theatres, community centres, coach and bus stations, showrooms of all types, dance studios, retail spaces, and even iconic locations like Coronation Street and The Crystal Maze.


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