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Steps Towards Cleaning an Office Space, Professionally


PREMiClean understands how crucial it is to maintain a clean and organized office for a productive workday. When you employ PREMiClean, we will clean, dust, and vacuum your office, so that you can dedicate time to work and aren’t distracted by any mess.

How to Clean an Office?

Whether you’re cleaning your office or tidying up your desk at work, PREMiClean can help keep your office neat, clean, and disinfected. Learn how to manage an office and clean any office space with our cleaning experts.

Offices become a haven for germs and bacteria if they are not cleaned timely. Daily cleaning and disinfecting your workstation will help you avoid sickness and rise above distractions. Use the tips below to clean the most polluted places in your office.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Use our office cleaning checklist to clean every space of your office or divvy up office cleaning tasks at work. Just print out a PDF and set it on the fridge so everyone can support it, or just utilize this checklist for your own reference as you clean the office to make sure you don’t miss any area.

Cleaning Your Office

While sitting at a desk over sustained spans of time, we do a lot more than only work. We munch, sneeze, cough, touch and spill – day after day. So, it’s no surprise that home offices quickly evolve into a microbial zoo. Beside the germ menace also lies the clutter and mess from our busy lives that need to be organized and cleaned.

1. Dust. Use a damp microfiber material to dab down all the surfaces. Remove your file folders, papers, stapler, calendars and other things so you can wipe down your office desk. Don’t forget areas like power stripes behind your desk, window sills, fan blades, the top of the monitor, or the top sides of picture frames, etc.

2. Vacuum. Work top to bottom. You should alternate between the narrow attachment, upholstery brush as well as carpet attachment to absolutely vacuum each and every surface area on your desk and in your office. Pay attention to the areas you dusted, and vacuum up any loose dust the cloth didn’t end up capturing.

3. Disinfect. Sitting at desks, we do more and more of touching and creating new micro-bacteria colonies with individual keystrokes, mouse clicks and phone calls. Disinfect that mouse and office phone, and the keypad, headset, mouthpiece, and just about everything else in your vicinity.

4. Consistency. Put a reminder on your calendar to clean and organize your desk weekly or bi-weekly. A good cleaning routine will make it easier to get the work done the next time. Even better, keep disinfectant wipes around your desk so you can give everything a fast wipe-down between cleaning days.

If you need more information, contact us for more additional details. We have an excellent staff that provides professional cleaning services such as carpet, chair, sofa, workstation and floor cleaning for your office.

You can list your needs and ensure that you are getting the right service for your office and your business. Hiring a commercial cleaner is a step in the right direction.

Go for it now!