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The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

The Old School Fairfield Street Warrington WA1 3AJ

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PREMiClean: spotless, personalised cleaning plans that reflect your commitment to health and hygiene.


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Gym and Studio Cleaning

No one wants to work out in a dirty gym where white socks soon become black. At PREMiClean, we understand that a clean and hygienic gym/studio environment is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. We work with many fitness centres throughout Warrington/Manchester, each with unique issues. PREMiClean has worked with each client to develop a personalised cleaning regime that works best for their facility.

Why Choose PREMiClean?

Andy, a manager at Athelis Club and Spa, had this to say: “We brought PREMiClean in to work on our high-level dust problem. They assessed the work prior to the booking and had all the equipment they needed. It was completed outside of our business hours, and this was no issue for them. They did a fantastic job, and we will rebook when necessary. Thanks.”

Unique Cleaning Plans: We understand that every gym is different. That’s why we offer cleaning plans tailored to your facility’s specific needs and schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Health and Safety First: In a space where health and fitness are paramount, we use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents that are effective against germs and bacteria but safe for your members and staff.

Enhanced Member Experience: A clean gym is a happy gym. Our services help improve your members’ experience, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews. A spotless facility reflects your brand’s high standards.

Professional and Reliable Service: Our team of cleaning professionals is fully trained, insured, and dedicated to delivering exceptional service. We pride ourselves on reliability, consistency, and attention to detail.

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Our Gym and Studio Cleaning Services Include:

Our Gym and Studio Cleaning Services Include:

Equipment and Machine Cleaning: We regularly and thoroughly clean all gym equipment and machines to ensure they are hygienic and safe for use.

Locker Room and Shower Cleaning: Our deep cleaning of locker rooms and showers focuses on high-touch surfaces, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance: We provide cleaning services for various gym flooring types, including rubber mats, hardwood, and tiles.

Air Quality: We use HEPA filter vacuums and air purifiers to improve indoor air quality, making the environment healthier for breathing during intense workouts. We also offer high-level dust cleaning.

Window and Mirror Cleaning: Our streak-free cleaning of mirrors and windows ensures a clear view for gym-goers, enhancing their experience.

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The cost of our cleaning services varies depending on several factors. Our pricing includes holiday cover, pension and National Insurance contributions, cleaning materials, and equipment. Additionally, our service includes recruitment, training, supervision, and ongoing auditing. We don’t just offer a cleaner; we provide a comprehensive commercial cleaning service. Our efficiency and experience allow us to keep our prices competitive. You’d be hard-pressed to do it yourself any cheaper!

We frequently step in to improve commercial cleaning situations where the office cleaning has been below par. Our contracted price includes an initial deep clean at no extra cost, ensuring your premises meet our high standards.

All our cleaners are employed and trained directly by us. We do not rely on ‘agency’ staff. Our recruitment process is thorough and meticulous, and we provide training through a combination of online courses and on-the-job experience.

We exclusively use cleaning products that meet the highest standards in cleaning and health and safety for all our business cleaning needs. Our suppliers undergo regular audits to ensure their environmental credentials are verified.

We are local cleaners serving Greater Warrington and the North West. Our services include office cleaning in Manchester and cleaning services for various facilities such as theatres, community centres, coach and bus stations, showrooms of all types, dance studios, retail spaces, and even iconic locations like Coronation Street and The Crystal Maze.


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